Wednesday 28 September 2016

Me vs Things in the Clouds

I had a great weekend with my sister. She came out to visit so we could go rock climbing for the day to celebrate our birthdays, which both happened in the summer.

With family in tow, we headed out to the nearest crags and were promptly buzzed by a couple of fighter jets that were wildly out of place flying low over the highway. Very cool, but really loud. 
This was followed by a beautiful day of climbing where both my kids climbed better than I've ever seen them climb, easily achieving personal bests.

Long story short, we headed back and once the kids were safely tucked into bed, the adults brought out the drinks and headed for the hot tub. 

Being that we're outside of town, and that the town is pretty tiny anyway, we generally get some pretty amazing star gazing opportunities. Not this night. We were cursed with both a full moon, which made it more like a perma-dusk than night, and it was cloudy. Boo.

Now I've never been one to see things in the clouds, so I was understandably surprised to glance up to the heavens and see what can only be described as a giant cloud cock. This big floating dick just hung there in all its twig and berried glory, flaccidly pointing to the north as if to say winter was coming. Which it's getting fucking cold out, and I hate that.

This massive, and incidentally circumcised,  celestial penis drifted there for a minute or two, and it felt like in all the world, only the three of us had witnessed this cloudy miracle. And really, what more could one ask for than a giant airborne cloud dick to really tie together a weekend's worth of adventure.

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  1. Yup. You nailed it. It truly was glorious.... and circumcised.