Tuesday 23 August 2016

Me vs The Final Swim

This has been an interesting swim season for me. It’s had many ups and downs, new swim mates and coaches, and some definite challenges.

I may have finally learned to kick, albeit very slowly. It only took 4 coaches, two years, and many, many conflicting instructions for me to finally adapt a “special” style all my own.  It’s not a good style, but it works for me. More or less. Or less.

My Olympic career is probably over.

I realized this year that my stamina is poop. I could complete the first length reasonably well, but then I basically sunk after that.

I also realized that I’m getting old. The coach working with me was an astounding 17 years younger than me. Oh lord, even writing that is terrifying.  That said, she was an amazing swimmer, and was great to work with.  She was the first person to get my kicking with something resembling efficiency.

This year I also swam like a rock star. Not like a rock star in the sense that I was amazing and swam like a fucking boss, but more like I was a pretentious rock star who rented out the entire pool so I could swim alone without the unwashed masses bothering me. Fucking masses.

Or more accurately, I was often the only adult swimming during our time slot, so it was just me in the pool being watched by the coach, essentially getting a private lesson on how to suck less at kicking. It was very awkward.  

But now swimming is over and the final lap complete. My hair is straw-like and faintly green, my stamina is still pitiful, but marginally less so, and I actually miss the evening solo swim sessions.  

And unlike the kids in the swim club, the adults weren’t recognized for our swimming excellence at the awards night. This doesn’t bother me at all, but my daughter didn’t feel that this was fair, so she made me a medal for excellence in breast stroke, because it’s the stroke I’m the least worst at.

Here it is. It is possibly the best award I’ve ever received.
(I wonder if my other breast will be jealous?)

Until next year, swim fans. Just keep swimming...  :-) 

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