Wednesday 20 January 2016

Me vs Me Last Year

Since I've now celebrated a full year doing this whole writing thing, it seems like a good idea to look back and see what posts have been the most popular.

While I realize most people do this at either the end of the year, or immediately at the beginning of the next, I am running a bit late due to sick kids, time management issues, and basic procrastination. 

And so here are the posts that have been the most popular throughout 2015...  

Me vs The Churidar Kurta or How I Got Stuck in a Shirt

Me vs My Gender-Neutral Name 

Me vs Crossing the Border

Me vs Swimming

Me vs The Superbowl

Me vs The Never Ending Story

Me vs The Wedding or The Reason I Got Stuck in a Shirt

Thanks again for reading, and for the support in this adventure. It's been fun, and I hope to continue to find things entertaining enough to write about. :-)

1 comment:

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