Sunday, 3 January 2016

Me vs Shipping is Stupid

Congratulations! We made it through the Christmas season and into another year. Well done everyone!

One of the realities I face leading up to this magical time of year (besides weight gain) is that I don't live near a mall or any reasonable shopping venue. This means I have to be organized (gag) and plan well enough ahead to get presents ordered and shipped to my mecca of wintery wilderness. Challenge accepted. 

What's this? A package arrived for me. I don't remember ordering anything this big....

 Lots of wrapping. Maybe it's fragile.

What the everloving fuck? Batteries!? Some unfathomably stupid person looked at this tiny set of batteries and thought yeah, lets totally waste this box on something that could go in an envelope, and we should charge the customer 32 times what is reasonable to send it to them. Yeah, do that. 


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