Tuesday 18 August 2015

Me vs Trying to Write With Kids Around

I'm sure a bunch of you have kids. And a bunch of you don't. For those who don't, I'm going to share a little tidbit with you....having kids is fun and awesome, and also a time-sucking endeavour.

Today I'm lucky enough to have an extra kid over at my house. More kids? How does that give you any extra time? Because they entertain each other and I don't have a leg-leech begging me to entertain her 24 hours a day. 

I love playing with my kids, but occasionally I also like to pee by myself. Or write. Both of which are completely impossible when kids are on the hunt for attention that they imagine they are lacking.

And so for the next little while I can sit down and write. 
Now to think of something to write about....
One problem at a time, right. :-)

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