Tuesday 11 November 2014

Me vs The internet provider

First off, please excuse any terrible errors in this post, as I'm being forced to type this on my phone because the fuck ups who were supposed to install my internet BEFORE we moved in basically gave us the finger and went home. 

in case you were wondering, apparently a months worth of notice to get our internet hooked up just wasn't enough. I thought that would have been reasonable...we aren't living completely in the middle of nowhere, but nope, I was wrong. 

Yesterday we were told it was hooked up, and maybe we were just doing it wrong. 
Today, well, let's just say we discovered it wasn't us, it was them. 

Basically fuck all has been done.
And then this conversation happend:
Me: When will the internet be hooked up?
Them: Oh, well the work order has been put in.
Me: Um...good. When will I have more than my phone for internet?
Them: Oh, someone will be out to set it up soon. 
Me: Soon?
Me: Define soon.
Them: No. 

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