Wednesday 22 May 2024

Me vs Writer's Block

It's been an abhorrent amount of time since I sat down to actually write, and while 
you can't see it due to careful editing, this sentence alone has had so many typos and missed keystrokes that it's embarrassing. I could blame covid for my writing gap, and in part I probably should as it really made so many things worse, but also I just seem to have lost my writing voice for a time. 

Where ideas and words used to flow freely, the last few years have felt more like a grinding march forward than an inspiring time to share my thoughts. There's so many bleak current events (I've stopped watching the news), house disasters (we'll get there eventually), and a never ending pile of laundry to get through to allow myself time to create a good atmosphere for my brain to agree to my demands for good content. 

Which isn't to say that nothing has been good. Despite the current state of the world, and my own anxiety-ridden corner of it, I can say with absolute certainty that it could very definitely be worse. While we've had our fair share of disasters, I'm going to try to turn them in to adventures, and the crises into funny stories, because let's be honest, humor is my trauma-crutch. 

What has truly surprised me though, is that a number of people have reached out to tell me over the last year they really enjoyed my writing and want to see more. I started this mostly for something to do, and because it was fun to turn my experiences into comedy, but I never really thought anyone but my mom would read it, and that's only because she's contractually obligated to be nice to me and tell me I'm special. 

So to those out there who have said nice things and offered support, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I can sledge hammer my way through this writer's block on the wings of this encouragement. 

I hope to bring you new and wild tales of my house, which is most definitely trying to kill me, updates on gnomes, and insight into why I I am. 

And then I'm going to buy a new keyboard because typing on this sticky-keyed nightmare is just a special kind of hell. 

Until next time...


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