Saturday 21 January 2017

Me vs Some Unsettling Shit

I am Canadian. I didn't vote for Trump, I couldn't vote against him, I don't live in his kingdom, and the internal workings of his country are his to shit on, not mine. 

But this isn't that simple, and I can't leave this one alone.

The day the news broke that this demagoguing cheeto had won the election, I broke down and cried. I ugly cried. This terrified my husband, as I'm not a crier, and he could not for the life of him figure out what was wrong. And for a while, neither could I.

I didn't care about the fucking politics. I mean, I'd like him not to shit on foreign policies and health care for the sake of humanity as a whole, but that wasn't it. 

It was people. It was the utter lack of compassion he showed for others that was so unsettling. I couldn't (and still can't) wrap my head around how anyone could listen to his hate filled rhetoric and be ok with it. How could anyone choose to be ok with a leader who lies and hates so much? Who encourages his followers (sheep) to hate, and express their hate publicly and violently? Who considers women to be there for his enjoyment so sexually assaulting them is ok? Who finds LGBT people abhorrent? And who takes joy in telling women what parts of their bodies are no longer under their control? The people who voted for  and otherwise supported him basically said "Yeah, I'm good with all that. He has the best words!" I just couldn't. It was too much. 

And it still is. 

But then today happened, and I cried again (this is becoming a deeply disturbing pattern). My computer was flooded by images of the Women's March all around the world. People, millions of people, coming together to say this shit isn't ok. The signs people held up were simple and strong, and said everything I'd been trying to. It was amazing. 

So, well done humans.  I think there's some hope for us after all. 

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